"The crucial ingredients for Entrepreneurial success are a superb Entrepreneur with a first-rate management team and an excellent

market opportunity.


In Entrepreneurship, as in any other profession, luck is where preparation and opportunity meet.


The idea per se is not what is important.

 In Entrepreneurship, ideas really are a dime a dozen.

  Developing the idea, implementing it, and building a

    successful business are the important things."

Ideas In Partnership was formed in 2002 by Carolyn Maniukiewicz and now has a team of eight staff. The company are experts in entrepreneurship and have used these skills throughout the UK.

Using motivational and facilitation skills the team are ably placed to help companies develop a more ‘can do’ culture all of which leads to a more competitive edge.

Ideas In Partnership are principally a research company and believe that companies should thoroughly research the market place before developing their marketing and business strategy. Armed with comprehensive research findings we can help companies develop and implement their marketing and strategic development plans.

We work with companies by offering in house support, organising corporate events, mentoring and facilitating networking opportunities through our separate company, Aberdeen Entrepreneurs.

In 2010, Events In Partnership was set up to organise non-business events specialising in the wedding market.

Let Ideas In Partnership help you achieve the

above either individually or corporately.